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  The Cabinet Paszkier SASUhas many methods to improve your health and

well-being. Trust our skills. Constantly take care of your health and above all, never neglect it to feel and see yourself younger and in great shape.

Osteopathy aesthetics, biomechanics of sport

 Aesthetic and biomechanical osteopathy allows you to age better, feel younger, longer with less pain. A better way to live with increased mobility, you have less pain, you live better, you love you more

Face anti-aging,     Fillers without needle

Phobia of the needle, fear of pain, problem of hematoma, forget all this,with the no needle anti-aging process to take advantage of the hyaluronic acid without social life eviction

Face anti-aging, Eyelid lift without surgery.

Phobia of surgery, phobia of anesthesia, fear of scarring, but want to rejuvenate, your eyelid show your age, and your eyes your soul, so rejuvenate your eyes without surgery...

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